Comments from participants:

'Amazing'                 'Immersive'        

'Beautiful and thoughtful'                                  

'An emotional experience'       

'Deeply thought provoking'                      


Art Installation

Rooms was an experiential art installation, a series of spatial encounters, where participants were guided in meditative silence.  It took place at the artist's home on Saturday 7 & Sunday 8 June 2014.

Each space was transformed.  Familiar household items and recycled materials became sensory and aesthetic objects.  Intangible and internal experiences were brought to the foreground, taking over the rooms in which they were usually hidden from view.

Rooms Soundscape Excerpt.mp3

The guides for Rooms were Mary Benefiel, Claudia Cerra, Penny Marais and Leigh.  Mark Dunn helped with setting up.  A big thank you to all those involved and to Jill Hall, for allowing use of the garden and her kitchen during the event.

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