Comments from participants :

‘A very powerful piece… The two rooms are both very different. It’s very interesting to think about their different qualities and how they relate to each other…’

‘This was very moving and truly moving – inner and outer worlds meet – so beautiful and personal – I loved it’

‘Not sure what to say – intrigued, disturbed, excited!’

‘felt luxurious to sit quietly alone in there’

‘The white space was subtle, quiet. The leaves moving – gentle, shadow. The images beyond, hinting of more.’

‘The film & mirrors reflecting layers of meaning & a spaciousness to absorb it all.’

‘…contemplative and intriguing. The mirrors give layers, parallel worlds and as I watched the main image at times it was as if I was looking down at shadows on the floor or ground, at times I was looking up through trees.’

‘Entering a dark & secret room welcoming one’s presence. The most delicate of exquisite sounds & the wild life of moving leaves on a screen itself delicately offering intimations of beyond – while sitting in stillness – suddenly giving way to more sculptured suspended shapes until dissolved by wind & moving light.’

Telling Stories

‘Downstairs hit me emotionally – made me sad, brought tears to my eyes, then, looking around more, could see the lighter aspects and the closest word is ‘hope’. It worked on lots of levels, could find lots of different feelings and meanings to it.’

‘The music downstairs was very striking – very strange. I loved the movement you created with the materials, books, pages…’

‘I was amazed by the sense of what was put into it.’

‘…loved the book leaf flames & book leaves… Books can keep you warm…’

Telling Stories Soundscape Excerpt.mp3

‘…the soundscape brought the experience to life. Altogether the shadows & light in every space (intentional or not) was very evocative in this night time setting.’

‘I really liked the construction, the use of books and pages to create the piece. I am so happy to hear further soundscape work. This for me is an integral part of your artistic work.’

‘Exquisite – such beauty – a flowing sense of movement between inner & outer – order & chaos – structure & fluidity. I could have sat there for I don’t know how long absorbing it all – Hard to leave – Wonderful lighting & sweetest delicate birdsong & then human voice – soundings…’

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A Winter's Night

Art Installation

A Winter's Night was an immersive art installation that took place on Saturday 28 & Sunday 29 January 2017.  Like Rooms, it was set in the artist's home, with different areas of the building transformed into imaginative spaces.

The installation comprised of three new works: 'It's All Gone Into The Light', 'Under Wraps' and 'Telling Stories'.  The themes explored were light and dark, death and rebirth and transformation.

'All three spaces complete in themselves yet enriching each other. A dynamic & deeply meditative creation.'

'It was a memorable experience I won't forget.'

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It's All Gone Into The Light

‘spare and fascinating’

‘serene & mystical’

‘similar designs – visible on both sides, with threads of light. The power of the lamp below. By the radiator – seeing the cathedral through a small window.’

‘that beautiful space itself revealed more fully by their presence’

Under Wraps

‘I loved the upstairs, was calming, meditative’

‘I particularly loved the way the film upstairs had a quality of memory & like a scrying glass suggested lots of images.’

‘I found the film upstairs mesmerising & beautiful.’

‘transported me into wonderful calm’

‘The mirrors added depth in a subtle, effective way’

‘loved the possibilities opened up – revealing, concealing, glimpses of… then moments of agitation…’

Under Wraps Soundscape Excerpt.mp3

‘…such interesting use of shapes, sounds, melodic, dissonance and variety, transported into another plane and just keep you wondering.’

‘…are the leaves falling or slipping, escaping from the drifted books? Either is compelling…’

‘Was engaged by moments of order in apparent chaos (books as bricks in pyramids echoed throughout). Intrigued by soundscape, but quite unsettled. Will be pondering effects & significance to me for some time to come! Stunned by the conception & impact. Much food for thought.’

‘The books – solid triangles, chaos, leaves – natural leaves & book leaves. Escher, Dali & other arts books. The whirlwind of books – more leaves thrown up by a storm? The shadows on the door – large hands, especially. The words – intriguing, suggesting??’